A New Motorway Service Area for Warrington

Warrington MSA will meet a Public Safety Need initially identified by National Highways, delivering hundreds of local jobs, support for apprenticeships and local employment initiatives whilst combining world-class design with a range of ancillary food & beverage, retail and hotel facilities.

Designing a World-Class Facility

We have a commitment to creating a world-class MSA for Warrington – and this includes the architecture of the building.

The motorway service area at Warrington will be one of the exciting new-concept facilities being developed by Extra MSA on the highway network. The facilities building will be designed to change perceptions of how MSAs should look and feel; offering the traveller a range of amenities that sit comfortably within their surroundings.

Delivering Hundreds of Jobs

During the construction phase there will be around 300 workers on the site over the phased build period, which equates to 97 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs during this phase. Apprentice Schemes will also be developed in partnership with education and training providers. We will work with local partners in Warrington about how we can maximise opportunities for local people.

Once the MSA is fully operational there will be more than 200 equivalent permanent full-time positions, in addition to the 75 FTE jobs supported through the supply chain. Extra MSA Group will focus recruitment in the local area and will work closely with the carefully selected tenant operating partners to encourage and help them do the same.

Complementing the Surrounding Area

The delivery of flagship MSA facilities in a pleasant landscaped setting will have a positive impact upon the physical appearance of the Site. The MSA will be compatible with adjacent land uses and will address all of the environmental and physical constraints on the site to bring forward a high quality and appropriate development.

Part of the outline planning permission requires a minor adjustment to the public footpath that runs through the site.

The footpath diversion is a minor amendment at the western perimeter of the site; relocating the path approximately between 35m to 78m metres west, and a maximum of 83m north. The changes will ensure:

  • Public safety needs are met
  • Ease of access is maintained
  • Communities are able to fully enjoy the pathways as a vital recreational space

You can view the PROW plan which illustrates the footpath diversion here

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us: warringtonextraservices@social.co.uk