Delivering hundreds of local jobs

There will be up to 300 construction workers on the M62 J11 MSA Site over the phased build period.

This equates to 97 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs during the construction stage. Once operational, the M62 J11 MSA will support 228 FTE employees in addition to the 75 FTE jobs that are supported through the supply chain.

Support for apprenticeships

Extra MSA are fully committed to supporting apprenticeships.

Independent research by Consultants along with experience from Extra MSA indicates that the development will generate 16 – 17 new apprenticeships. Extra MSA also fully support local school / educational visits and engagement as part of both the construction and operational phases of the development and are engaging with various Bodies such as Warrington & Co to facilitate this.

Support for local employment initiatives

Extra MSA are proposing a Local Employment Agreement as part of the planning application scheme to ensure that local firms and local people benefit from the MSA development.

Extra MSA Group will expect the main contractor to endorse this commitment to support local employment opportunities by signing up to the Charters which are outlined in more detail in the Employment and Training Charter report.

£75m inward investment into the regional economy

The M62 J11 MSA has a total gross value added of £75m which means that this is the level of private sector investment that is being brought forward by Extra MSA into both the regional and local economy. This equates to approximately £8m per annum into the Warrington local economy.

Over £1 million per annum business rate revenue

Once operational, the new MSA will generate a significant financial contribution, with over £1m in business rates each and every year, of which 50% is retained locally for use by the Council.

Support for local business and suppliers

Extra MSA are committed to supporting local businesses and suppliers and will operate a procurement policy to support local produce. Extra MSA are happy to explore further the potential for pop up local facilities and farmers markets within the M62 J11 scheme.

Improvements to Junction 11 of the M62 to the benefit of road users

The project will see signalisation of the junction to deliver greater capacity for vehicles on the junction, to ensure that there is no net impact from the MSA on the local road network.

These works will complement the current Birchwood Way improvements (Phases 2 and 3) to support current public sector funding in the form of Growth Deal initiatives.

Improvements to pedestrian & cycle crossings at Junction 11 of the M62

As part of the Junction 11 signalisation improvements, pedestrian improvements will be delivered to provide controlled pedestrian crossings and enhanced footways through this junction.

In addition to these controlled crossings, the existing footway on the overbridge is proposed to be extended northwards to provide a footway connection from the MSA to the existing walking and cycling network to the south of the M62 motorway.

Enhancements to the public right of way network in the local area

Extra MSA will make contribute towards the upgrading of the public right of way network to the north of the M62 connecting the site to Culcheth and also to existing pedestrian links along Silver Lane south of the M62 and / or links that run adjacent to Birchwood Way to the south of the M62.

The improvements will benefit local residents from Culcheth seeking to access Birchwood Employment Park and also those from Gorse Covert seeking to access the Risley 4 restoration site.

Provision of improvements to the footpath which runs through the site

Extra MSA will deliver upgrades to the current public footpath that runs through the site, as part of the site development scheme. The surface treatment of the footpath will be enhanced and way marking and signing will be upgraded.

Provision of a staff minibus

Extra MSA proposes to provide a staff minibus which will operate between the Site and Birchwood Rail Station during train operating hours.

The service will be coordinated by the Staff Travel Plan Coordinator in conjunction with a Steering Group of tenant representatives. This will help reduce private car journeys by staff and widen the opportunities for potential employees who do not have access to a private car.

Support for cyclists

Additional Travel Plan measures will include encouragement for employees to cycle to work through secure cycle parking at the MSA; participation in the Cycle 2 Work scheme; implementation of a Bicycle User group; support for the Bikeright! Cycle training scheme; and provision of lights, helmets, and hi visibility bibs for staff who commit to cycling to work.

Complementary to the Risley 4 Restoration site

The Risley 4 Restoration site has been the subject of landfill operations for many years but it has now been restored.

The upgraded footpath network, car park and facilities delivered as part of the MSA will enhance accessibility to the site. Extra MSA will also provide signage and interpretative boards at the entrance to the Risley 4 site (next to the MSA) to enhance the understanding of this facility.

Complement Birchwood Park Employment Area initiatives

Birchwood Park is a thriving employment hub. It will benefit from the current road improvements to Birchwood Way and also from the Junction 11 improvements delivered as part of the MSA scheme.

The MSA will also deliver dedicated HGV parking areas as an integral part of the MSA proposal and this will include additional lorry parking beyond the level required within the Circular guidance to help to address a current lorry parking issue.

Enhancements to the site environment

The MSA development will involve the diversion of the existing Sliver Lane Brook that flows through the site; new landscaping and tree planting; and the creation of a new peatland type habitat.

The habitats that are created and retained will be the subject of ongoing management and maintenance regimes to ensure that this biodiversity enhancement is maintained.

Woodland planting enhancements

A full arboriculture assessment has been undertaken of existing trees within the site area. None of the trees within the site are covered by a Tree Preservation Order nor are there any Veteran Trees or Ancient Woodland within the Site.

Extensive new tree planting forms part of the MSA proposals which will comprise a significant net gain in tree cover compared with those lower quality trees that will be removed to facilitate the effective configuration of the MSA.

Public Art enhancements

Extra MSA are committed to delivering enhanced public art as part of the MSA proposal. This will either be through new provision within the MSA scheme or a financial contribution to enhancing the “encounter” statue at the entrance to Birchwood Park in conjunction with the Birchwood Park Forum.

Sustainability / Innovative building design

Whilst the detailed design of the MSA has not yet been finalised, a strategy has been developed to minimise the energy requirements and to maximise the opportunity for renewable technologies to be utilised.